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mu n : the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet

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Mu can be:
μ is used as a symbol for:
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Mu may also refer to:
  • Muonium's atomic symbol
  • Mu-metal, an alloy used for screening magnetic fields
  • Mu (lost continent), a mythical continent in the Pacific Ocean subsequently appearing in several books, films, and games
  • Mu (rocket), a Japanese rocket
  • Mu Dan, Chinese poet and translator
  • Mu Online, an online role-playing game
  • Mu La Flaga, a character from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
  • Aries Mu, a character from the cartoon Saint Seiya
  • Groupe Mu, an interdisciplinary Belgian group focusing on linguistics and rhetoric
  • Lemuria, a hypothetical lost continent
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